Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kanye #1 in the Game

Kanye time and time has said he is #1. And CONGRATULATIONS...he finally is. He FINALLY gets what he deserves. He told is the sickest, baddest, most talented in all the earth of all the spitters & rhymers and he finally proved his point. He made it #1 on MTV's Hottest MC's in the game. Congratualtions Kanye you deserve it.

As for Lupe he really proved himself. From being nowhere on the list last year to being numeral 7. I'm kinna happy but i'm upset that...RICK freaking ROSS & 25...I mean 50 cent beat him. HONESTLY? It upsets me that people really don't know how to listen to quality music. Take a second & listen to the knowledge Lupe keeps droppin' in his albums. It's upsetting to see retard rap win against intellegent rap. Plan UPSETTING.

Also....Snoop Dogg can't be better than Lupe, he's a couple of knotches down from Lupe's rhymin'. It's fine though, Snoop Dogg isn't much to bark about. :P

If you want to see who else got on the list go to:

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