Saturday, May 31, 2008

Currently listening to...

I've been listening to TaeYang...he's from the group Big Bang...the group a posted about previously. Anyway he's doing a solo project, while still working with Big Bang.
This is one of his videos. It's called: "Look only at me" or..."Na Man Bara Bwa" (in korean).
He reminds me of an Omarion/Usher of korea. :D

It's good stuff.

The video/song is about how he's a little sick of hanging out with her, but still wants her to not cheat on him and look at him only (something like that). (a little selfish sounding) but yea. Here it is.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Invincible Summer

I already knew Common was a real good rapper but I didn't really listen "LISTEN" to his music until just recently, so I've become some what excited for his new album to come out.

"I created this music for the summer time, it's about feeling good," says Common. "This is the type of music I felt was missing from my body of work."

Track Listing:
"Universal Mind Control (U.M.C.)" (feat.
Pharrell) (comes out June)
"Make My Day" (feat.
"Punch Love"
"What A World" (feat.
Chester French)
"Party S**t"
"Runaway" (feat.

Contains sample of "
Love Is a Battlefield" by Pat Benatar

I'm a little disappointed that Kanye isn't on this one this time, but he was working on "The Glow-In-the-Dark" concert so I don't blame Kanye because that concert was TIGHT! (I'd like to relive that day again) anyway, let's find out and see how Common decided to make his new album have a summer feel :)

( - . - ) it comes out in July.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


The Office theme song on Mario Paint

Who know mario paint could get so fun. Well I personally thought it was fun. Especially that fly swatting game. Anyway, what mario is trying to get across is, Watch "
The Office" :)

Kanye #1 in the Game

Kanye time and time has said he is #1. And CONGRATULATIONS...he finally is. He FINALLY gets what he deserves. He told is the sickest, baddest, most talented in all the earth of all the spitters & rhymers and he finally proved his point. He made it #1 on MTV's Hottest MC's in the game. Congratualtions Kanye you deserve it.

As for Lupe he really proved himself. From being nowhere on the list last year to being numeral 7. I'm kinna happy but i'm upset that...RICK freaking ROSS & 25...I mean 50 cent beat him. HONESTLY? It upsets me that people really don't know how to listen to quality music. Take a second & listen to the knowledge Lupe keeps droppin' in his albums. It's upsetting to see retard rap win against intellegent rap. Plan UPSETTING.

Also....Snoop Dogg can't be better than Lupe, he's a couple of knotches down from Lupe's rhymin'. It's fine though, Snoop Dogg isn't much to bark about. :P

If you want to see who else got on the list go to:

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I want their shoes

I've been keeping up with this group called Big Bang. They are a korean hip-hop group.
They've been showing how talented they are at such young ages. They're between the ages of 17 - 21. They've showed great charisma and eligibility to make it big in America.

I believe they're currently learning english, so I really can't wait for them to debut here. The already released a full album in english in Japan and they did a good job with they're english accents. I'm so excited for them

Anyway this is the music video to their most recent music video & song. It's really catchy and now-a-days hip hop. I hope you all like.

Change is coming are way

This music video is really cool music video. I like seeing Lupe Fiasco skating & in Japan. I miss Japan so it makes things better.

Anyway this girl Joy sounds like Mary J. so it's ok, but Lupe's verse is always phemonial. He never get's old to me. I love each and every lyric he infuses into his rhymes. So yea, that's the blog for the day


My cousins, my sister and I really liked this song by Teriyaki Boyz ft. Pharrell & Busta Rhymes and we've always had the desire to make a song, so we made one.

We found the instrumental to the song "
Zock On" and did a remake.

We had Geelow record first.
He later urged us to finish the song.
Despite how much I hated my voice I couldn't let this oppurtunity pass.

All the people you hear on there is introduced but I'll give you a little briefing.

1st: Geelow (my cousin)
2nd: G-rok (my sister)
3rd: ME (myself)
4th : EJ Ouji (my cousin)

Here is a link to the song. I hope you enjoy it. (it was a little something, something....everyone has to start somewhere)

we re-titled the song: Rock On.
There is another song that EJ Ouji did, was a rap before the singing of Gummy's song: "Sorry"