Sunday, April 20, 2008

How to have fashion sense.

BECAUSE! it's like the 6th sense! haha XP

not but really, why fashion? who needs it?
You don't want to be the kiddo left behind because you don't think twice about what you're going to wear this morning. Come on.
People will look more than twice at you if you have good fashion.

Here are some simple accessories that you can buy to make your fashion more upscale. Your outfit can turn from something trashy to classy in 2 seconds, just because you added a simple accessory.

1. The thin scarf. This is probably one of the most effective pieces of accessories. This is a unisex accessory, both sexes look good in it. You can be wearing a simple white tee and jeans, and if you throw that one, you'll look like you have some kind of fashion sense. Honestly, it looks good.

2. The suspenders. Another one of the most effective accessories to wear. Both sexes can wear it because it looks good on both. You can be wearing something simple as well, and throwing on the suspenders it makes you look like you have some fashion awareness. Usually when wearing suspenders you don't want your shirt to be CRAZY filled with so much detail. Being a little simple with the shirt can keep the balance of your whole outfit so you don't look LOUD.

3. The thick framed glasses (usually rectangular). It's a small accessory, but compliments the face. It gives the smarter, classy look. It's unisex so this goes for both people if they want to compliment their look. Glasses use to be nerdy but now they're used as a fashion statement. You don't have to be blind to get these. (I'm near-sided to I started out with them) But now-a-days they sell them non prescribed or even sometimes lens-less. Also they can come in very many pretty colors & designs, so take your pick.

4. The slouch/knitted beret. This is usually for girls only. It's like a hat that holds onto the form of your head. It's cute and easy to add in. You can also have a rest day and let your hair be scrubby and you can easily hide the hair in the beret. Also it often compliments certain hair styles. It's a great hat to have, it lets you have a chill, cool, calm collected look. And it comes in many types of knits & colors.

5. The tights. (mostly for girls) They come in all types of colors. Neon colors, pastel colors, primary colors, secondary, tertiary colors. ALL TYPES. They try to give you that fun look. Sometimes they're good for also looking classy. Sometimes you don't want to show all that leg with your shirt skirts....ok...then wear the tights. Usually find tights that match most of your shirts. Also try to coordinate it so that your tights match your shirt if you're going to wear a shirt & a skirt or shorts, but if it's a short dress...such as a might want to match it with the dress....unless your other accessories (jewelry) is a different color from the dress it might look better if you coordinated the color of your tights with that piece of accessory.

Well, that's all I have for you today. Try these things. I'll be back with more of the fashion tips I think others should know to boost their fashion sense.


"didn't have a camera by my side this time
hopin' that I would see the world through both my eyes
maybe I would tell you all about
it when I'm in the mood
to lose my way with words"
- John Mayer

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