Sunday, April 20, 2008

Broaden the Music

"close your eyes, close your mind, see with your heart." - Lupe Fiasco

This song is very intresting. Language = french. I first heard it when UTSA was dancing to it, at Goodphil 2008. It's the first song you hear them dancing to. Whoever chose to dance to that song is genious. Not many dance crew think of dancing to jazzy type music. They alway automatically think HIP HOP! Let's get something "CRUNK" or rather..."HYPHY" that. Really all you need is a good beat to dance to, and you're set.

Well, it's always good having a wide variety of music you like. I take I'm one of those who has a VERY WIDE RANGE of music I take interest in. It helps you be more diverse, and open. Try it, I think you'll find you like more music than you dislike.

New found love - jazz feel music

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