Monday, January 11, 2010

Home-made Presents

So, In a recent previous blog I talked about how I was working on projects for christmas. Well I was making gifts for my friends :P
I was trying to get my hand use to crafts (since I want to fashion design one day)
anyway...Here are some pictures of one of the projects I was making.

Project One
- Tiny hat headband
- Jeweled headband
- jeweled wristband
- tutu
- graphic tee

-The Tiny Hat/Wristband/Headband-

At Hobby Lobby I bought a tiny top hat and decorated it with knit ribbon from dollar tree, pearl branches from Michael's and and old school locket.
Then I bought black & mirror jewels from Michael's to decorate the wristband & headband. (I used a glue gun &/or super glue as the adhesive)

-The Graphic Tee-

First I looked for a picture of my friend's favorite singer. I thresholded the picture on a computer program called GIMP. Then I sketched it a few times. Next I bought hanes white tees at walmart for about $9 for a pack of 5. I used an old tee to practice on (like in the picture). After I felt confident enough to do the actual graphic tee I got a permanent fabric pen (black) and sketched out the picture. Next I used fabric paint to color it in.

I forgot to take a picture of the tutu. but I got the idea from a blogger I follow.
Here's a link to the actual post. (It's the post at the bottom.)

Project Two
-White Wolf Ears

That wasn't that great. The results weren't as good as I had hoped. (I was using a glue gun to keep everything together, and I much rather of used a thread to keep all together but I haven't gotten a sewing machine just yet).
ANYWAY...perhaps I'll re-attempt to make better wolf ears.

Well. Basically that was all the Do-It-Yourself I could give you. Hope you guys got awesome presents from your friends...

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E.J. said...

i got a crockpot! woot!