Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It's been a long while since I've updated. I just don't have anything interesting to share with you :P
Ever since I left Washington I haven't really been amused. Well, I'll just share with you some of my favorite pass-times. :)

Avatar:The Last Air Bender

wikipedia says: The series follows the adventures of the main protagonist Aang and his friends, who must save the world by defeating the evil Fire Lord and ending the destructive war with the Fire Nation.
Basically that. I think if you give it a chance, you'll learn to like it. I especially like the comical relief :)

another one of my activities is playing:
Sims 3 (^_^)

I've always been a fan of Sims (since the first one). Now we're at 3. Graphics aren't EXEMPLARY but if you liked barbies as a child then here you go, modern day barbies mixed with technology (makes me a girly nerd I suppose :P)

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