Tuesday, February 3, 2009

AGeek (DGA & BEIS)

oh yes! Another class blog. We are the computer nerds. Aren't we pretty.

  Anyway, This is Digital Graphics & Animation Class/ BEIS.....um none of us really know what BEIS stands for, so anyway. We basically fine tune our skills in DGA and then in BEIS we learn how to film and edit with FCP (final cut pro). It's a pretty cool class, a little stressful, but all in all fun. Plus we get to do stuff like this.

That video was of Me (left in green), AG (geek in the middle) and Jessica (right in grey). AG just wanted to tell all the guys from his form chat room that he was actually sitting next to two GIRLS. heheh :P  (AG is a pretty cool person.) 

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